The ScoreKeeper is a more complex version of a simple counter. It allows one to add/remove names from a list, and change the score of each player individually.

How to use:

  • Use the form field to enter one or more player names. Names must be unique. Players can be removed from the game by clicking the "X" button on their card.
  • Click on a player card to select or deselect that player. Hit the numbered buttons below the list to increase/decrease the score of all selected players' scores by that amount.
  • Scores are set temporarily to help you see how much you are adding in a single "move". After 5 seconds, the temporary scores will be "committed" and their total values updated accordingly. Alternatively, you may click on an individual player's score to commit it immediately.
  • Player scores will be saved to your browser's LocalStorage with every change, and restored when reloading this page using the Saved State module



Pro Tip: Open your Ballast Debugger with this page open to see all Ballast activity in real-time, or just read the browser's Console logs.